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A look at the hidden story you never knew in The Lion king.

The Lion king, released in 1994 is a classic Disney animation that has garnered extremely positive reviews and grossed almost $1billion dollars. The movie has won 2 academy awards, and a golden globe award.  The movie was the highest grossing animated movie of the time. The plot of this movie is pretty straightforward and enjoyable for the whole family. Or is it?

PLOT:  You see the plot of the lion king is basically that the king of the pride of lions, Mufasa has a son. All the animals of the area are gathered to bow before the new cub that is born. years later when the son, Simba is put in a dangerous situation by his uncle Scar and then when Mufasa tries to save him, Scar makes sure Mufasa dies, then tells Simba to run away. Scar being the next in line since Simba is gone becomes king, lets the hyenas that were banished come to the plentiful land. Simba meanwhile had been found by a meerkat Timon and a warthog Pumba. They teach him a fun song about a laid back lifestyle. Years later when he is grown up he goes back to his home and kills Scar and takes his rightful place as king and prosperity returns to the land, and all is hunky dory.


Scar: The truth is you have to see the movie from the point of view of Scar. He is born into a family of ruling monarchs. The king lion rules over a harem of women that ONLY the king can have access to while all other males are banished never to be able to reproduce.  Another pack animal the Hyenas are banished to the wastelands with their families to starve and barely scrape by with whatever they can found in desolation. Scar grows up not having any power, future, respect, and is the second rate son who will never amount to anything. He sympathizes with the oppressed group of the hyenas and wants to improve their lives from the continual oppressive monarchy.  In his frequent visits to the badlands Scar works on his dream to become a professional grade choreographer and creates a stunning show of dance, singing, and rocks coming out of the ground with tasteful steam and fire.  When his brother Mufasa takes over, and has a son; all the animals of Africa are forced to come and bow down before a new prince, and their next ruler. Now you have to look at this. The lions are the top dogs of the plains; all the other animals have to be killed with no say in whether or not their children and sick get eaten. They are under the complete power of the lions, and are forced in slave labor to maintain the luxurious lawn of the king. Scar sees this oppression because he is almost a 3rd party. Scar knowing that the only way to fix the evil that has been going on in the land, kills his brother and makes Simba leave. Scar allows the starving group of hyenas to come and eat in the land, and allows the animals that eat, fertilize, and spread vegetation do as they please. The animals leave the land of their previous oppressors because they do not wish to remember those dark times. Scar then has to deal with the grumbling of his people, because now instead of having their prey handed to them, all trapped in one place like sitting ducks, the lionesses have to actually travel a few miles to go work for their food. Scar is under the pressure of sustaining his own people, while balancing a fair government that does not discriminate or oppress. As the movie wages on you can see how he gets thinner and the stress of leading is getting to him. Now we have to go to the other story that is happening parallel to scar's.

Simba: After his uncle successfully overthrew the oppressive dictatorship / monarchy that hung over the land, Simba ran away. After running for possibly days he collapsed just outside a jungle due to heat exhaustion. 2 friendly animals, Timon, and Pumba decided to care for him and raise him together. They taught him to live with the sins of his forefathers, sloth, greed, and gluttony. For years of his life Simba was taught that life requires no work, and you should just sit around and eat, sleep, and play 24/7. This is a terrible thing that parents are allowing their children to learn. Simba forgets his past and lives a life of laziness and gluttony. One day a lioness who was a childhood friend of his just shows up looking for food and they talk. She is sick and tired of having to work for food, and wants to go back to the old custom of rounding up the animals and herding them to slaughter. So she then uses her seduction to lead Simba back to his homeland and kill Scar the liberator. Simba travels for about 1 minute in the movie while music is playing and feet pounding to make him seem heroic. Upon the arrival to his home nobody is happy to see him, except the lions. Scar tries to defend the peaceful life that he created in the land, but a storm brews in the sky and it strikes a tree with lightning and makes a large fire. Simba uses the opportunity to throw scar into the fire, and slay the real good guy. Simba then takes over as the king of the land, and established a strict dictatorship of the area. All vegetarian animals are rounded up from their homes, and forced to stay in the lions land. Every season the new children must be sacrificed as food to the lions, and slave labor is enforced to keep the massive 5,000 acre lawn of the king all green. The hyenas are forced back into desolate wastelands to starve again and the lion pride is allowed to go back to sloth, Greed, gluttony and continue the perpetual cycle of evil, and oppression.

To sum it all up: The story shown in this movie is basically the same as the warlords of Africa that go and slaughter, rape, and torture innocent people. They take whatever they want, and try to have complete control. The lions are White, and the hyenas are dark, so it’s pretty much like South Africa where the white people drove the black people out of their fertile land and into the desert wasteland. The lighter colored lions have supremacy over the dark colored hyenas, making this movie pretty racist. When all the innocent animals are released from the lions’ land, their slave labor is no longer there to care for the acres and acres of grass, and so it withers away due to the sloth of the lions. Mufasa was an oppressive king and Scar brought peace, and freedom to the land. The lazy son of Mufasa who hadn't had to work a day in his life came and restored dictatorship to the land and re-established slave labor and mass slaughter of children to his homeland and got to have a big harem of lionesses to make him a bunch of cubs that could grow up one day and continue the “Circle of life”. In the end the movie has terrible morals, and makes the good guy look evil, and makes a hero of the bad guy. The lion king has a hidden plot that most people have not been able to see, because of Disney’s clever cover up with pretty colors, music, and smartly fabricated lies.

“The truth Hurts”

This has been a deep analysis of The Lion King, by Jared Read

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